Organ in the dust storm

23 juillet 2017,
par Romy Têtue

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I had arrived in the night without seeing anything. Alone. A little lost. The next day, I went to explore where I had just pitched my tent… Nowhere. The wind blew dust in the desert, partially obscuring the view, like fog. Human shadows passed like me in this fog. Suddenly, from a sheet of dust, arises… what ? an organ !? I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. An organ stood before me, monumental. As if fallen from the sky. Yes, an organ, this gigantic instrument, with its metal pipes, identical to those of the churches.

My brain could not understand. Plant the tent in the desert, OK. A gleaming organ in a church, OK. But both, an organ planted in the desert ? Right here ? In front of me ? My brain was bugging.

A person stepped forward and sat down at the keyboard. And the organ played music.

Then, consciously, slowly, I unplugged my brain. I took it delicately in my arms to put it there. In the dust. Let go.

Further on, lay the ripped carcass of a boat. A lighthouse stood on the playa. A portal opened on nothing. Elsewhere, a subway mouth sank into the ground… Don’t try to understand. To survive here, you have to let go.

But when I came back, the organ was no longer there. Had I dreamed ? I found him later, elsewhere. He had simply changed his place. Obviously. All things are moving here.

At nightfall, his pipes lit up. Of all the colors. This organ played not only music, but also light. Attracting people. And everyone started dancing. A little man emerges between the luminous pipes. He climbed the organ, disappeared into the machinery, reappeared with tool in his hand, while the organ played music and light. And soon the pipes also spit out fire…

I definitely fell in love with this organ, with this improbable and unstable vision, because moving and collective, the first vision, the one that welcomed me in Nowhere.

A year later, the organ was still there, in the middle of nowhere, facing the dust storm. I like when the nature take its part in the party. I stayed a long time, stuck to a street lamp, contemplating it disappear and reappear in the dust, listening to the whistling of the wind in the machine…

Organ in the dust storm in #Nowhere

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