Dying in Paris

Traductions : Muriendo en Paris / Mourir à Paris

Bérurier noir

29 novembre 2015,
par Romy Têtue

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Salut à toi, hello my brother, hello my sister… this is what I was singing, after Charlie, with the Bérus, Salut à toi, furiously current litany. It’s a time to listen again to Bérurier Noir, this anarcho-punk band, anti-racist and anti-fascist, from my rebellious adolescence.

Auto-dissolved in 1989, after 3 farewell concerts, the Bérus came out of silence to compose a title after the attack against Charlie Hebdo, in January, Mourir à Paris (Dying in Paris). They’ve just made it public in tribute to the victims of the recent bombings, on Friday 13th : to our friends of Bataclan, Petit Cambodge, Charonne and la Fontaine au Roi… to our sisters and brothers of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and elsewhere who live these atrocities every day.

This new title denounces terrorism, For the uninitiated or the prophets, where are the gods, where’s the party ?, but also western military interventions, the warmongers with bloody teeth do not care about innocent people :

Il n’y a pas de guerres saintes
There are no holy wars
Il n’y a pas de guerres justes
There are no just wars
Il n’y a que des guerres sales
Only dirty wars
Aux frappes chirurgicales
With surgical strikes

Neither god nor master, nor fire nor iron, the Bérus fuck warmongers and nationalists, and defend friendship and international solidarity, as proclaimed in Porcherie (pigsty) :

Car nous sommes noir, nous sommes blanc, nous sommes jaunes, et ensemble nous sommes de la DY-NA-MI-TE. La Jeunesse emmerde le Front National !
Because we are black, we are white, we are yellow, and together we are the DY-NA-MI-TE. The youth fuck the National Front !

Voir en ligne : http://beruriernoir.fr


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