DiffĂ©rence UI UX design - commentaires Différence UI UX 2015-11-07T17:33:47Z http://romy.tetue.net/difference-ui-ux#forum6984 2015-11-07T17:33:47Z <p>Je ne sais s'il y a influence Duchampienne — de son fameux <a href="https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fontaine_%28Duchamp%29" class="external" rel="external">ready-made nommé « Fontaine »</a> qui fit entrer un urinoir au musée — et/ou simplement androcentrée, mais la pissotière est un exemple récurrent en UX design. Steven Brykman file l'analogie, dans <a href="http://www.propelics.com/ux-of-up-urinals-and-usability" class="external" hreflang="en" rel="external">The UX of UP : Urinals and Usability</a> :</p> <blockquote lang="en">About half the world's population uses them, yet have you ever stopped to wonder what urinal design can tell us about good Enterprise Mobile usability practices ? No, of course you haven't. That's my job. But when it comes right down to it, Enterprise mobile UX and bathroom urinal design have a lot in common. The number one goal in both cases is to provide an interface that's comfortable, familiar, and intuitive so the user can complete his #1 task as quickly and easily as possible.</blockquote>