Lost in translation - commentaires Lost in translation 2016-10-09T13:55:43Z http://romy.tetue.net/lost-in-translation#forum7257 2016-10-09T13:55:43Z <blockquote lang="en">Theresa May : “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.”<br class="manualbr" />Nelson Mandela : “We are citizens of the world.”</blockquote> Lost in translation 2016-07-23T18:15:26Z http://romy.tetue.net/lost-in-translation#forum7211 2016-07-23T18:15:26Z <p>Try to learn italian, it is french, but really simpler. ;)</p> <p>The « dictée » in french can be difficult, in Italian, it is quite easy.</p> Lost in translation 2016-07-23T00:03:10Z http://romy.tetue.net/lost-in-translation#forum7210 2016-07-23T00:03:10Z <p>You are both right : it's less the language that I hate, than the spirit it represents. I'm fed up with <i lang="fr">l'esprit français</i> preachy in which I can't recognize myself. France, its lights, its exception, its <i lang="fr">Droits de l'Homme</i> not human…</p> <p>Period of linguistic teenage rebellion ? Not only. Go out of my language to discover others is my way to resist terrorism.</p> Lost in translation 2016-07-22T16:43:42Z http://romy.tetue.net/lost-in-translation#forum7209 2016-07-22T16:43:42Z <p>I would like to go further on Stéphane's quote : how can you consider French as a cartesian langage, as long as it's probably the less logical language in the world ? More exceptions than rules, unspoken letters, weird figures of speech, unexplainable sound and writing dychotomia like « les oies du couvent couvent »...<br class="manualbr" />Don't think I don't love it by the way :D</p> <p>Anyway, that's a pleasure to read you, as usual, and I totally relate to your point of view of opening your mind with other langages. A language is a philosophy, a way of thinking, which means each of them is just one point of view.</p> Lost in translation 2016-07-22T12:30:52Z http://romy.tetue.net/lost-in-translation#forum7208 2016-07-22T12:30:52Z <p>Ooooh, yes ! You're right : I'm in a linguistic teen period, exactly :)<br class="manualbr" />But in fact, I hope to learn English enough to, one day, love it as much. You know me : I like words ;)</p> Lost in translation 2016-07-22T12:07:48Z http://romy.tetue.net/lost-in-translation#forum7207 2016-07-22T12:07:48Z <p>One thing I don't agree with (hi, polemic !) is this :</p> <p><q>So precious, intellectual, more Cartesian than sensual.</q></p> <p>I love the preciousness of English as much as French. Both can be colloquial or precious, none is more “broomstick in the ass” than the other.</p> <p>I'd add that the more I learnt English when I was younger, the more, by reflection, I understood the subtlety of French and how beautiful it was, too. Maybe you're having a linguistic teen period ? ;)</p>